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Accessible tourism

Accesible Rural Tourism

Rural accesible tourism

In our service we intend to cover the needs and tastes of the largest possible market share. That is why we understand that making rural tourism accessible is not removing barriers but incorporating accessibility to the entire tourism value chain.

We know that accessibility is essential for 10% of our population, but also necessary for 40% and of course comfortable for 100%. That is why we do everything possible so that our facilities as well as the entire value chain we offer them, if they choose us, have accessibility incorporated.

Our PARADISE EBRO 1 accommodation is a house adapted for all types of people.

The house has the following characteristics:

  • Pool with access railing for people with difficulty or seniors.
  • Wide doors for easy access to the interior of the house, both in the dining room, in the double bedroom and in the main bathroom.
  • Full bathroom accessible.
  • Wide and wide terrace.