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Cottages for large groups

Cottage For 20 Personas

Are you looking for rural houses for large groups?

Sometimes going on vacation with a large group can be somewhat more complicated than individually or with a partner. This is due to the limited offer we can find for accommodation with large capacities.

Are you looking an accomodation for more than 20 people?

We offer you this type of accommodation. Our houses have different capacities, being the smallest (Paradise Ebro 1) with a maximum capacity of 10 people and the largest (Paradise Ebro 2) with a maximum capacity of 18. Given that these two houses are in the same Finca and one side of the other the accommodation group could be up to 28 people adding the two houses.

In the house of Paradise Ebro 2, we find a 60-meter living-kitchen-dining room that allows us to group and eat with a capacity of up to 30-35 people.

These accommodations are ideal for groups of families given the appropriate exterior that there is: park for children, porters, mini farm with different animals …

Rural house for business meetings

The rural village also meets the ideal conditions for groups of companies and for holding meetings; since it has all the needs to work.

Some of the most important features are:

  • An internet of more than 80MB of power, with a very powerful Wi-Fi range to work both inside and outside the house.
  • A 55 “smart TV television to make quick exposures of the projects.
  • Large tables and comfortable chairs to be able to sit comfortably for hours and hours.

The house is ideal if you are looking for rural houses for large groups near to Catalonia.